MARY SHO [@marysho]

Mary Sho is a singer/songwriter from South East London born and raised off Walworth Road, of Nigerian descent. Mary has provided backing vocals for a few artists to satisfy her hunger for singing and continued to write song. Trials and tribulations followed, whilst also relseasing 2 EP’s between 2014-2016 named Heart Trip (produced by Dotnic) and Lightlife (produced by Team Salute) which was played by BBC London Introducing.

Your song No Time is your most recent single out, what was the inspiration behind the track?

I wish I could say this track was about love or a situationship  but No Time it’s different it was written as part as my Album, during that time a lot of my friends where getting married, having babies and getting mortgages etc. At the time I wasn’t in that mind frame, I was in a relationship but not at that stage yet. So when I was hanging around my friends at the time I felt we where on different pages, we wanted to do different things and I had no time for the things they wanted to do and vice versa. That’s essentially what inspired me to write the track.

In your Spotify bio, it mentions you were shy as a child when it came to singing, how has music had an impact on your confidence growing up?

I think music helped me express what was always inside me and I did it long enough that I became who I was always meant to be. Confident.

How has growing up in South East London and being of Nigerian descent impacted your music style?

Yes, being originally from Nigeria and growing up in south London definitely has influence my music, most of the music I make has influences from everywhere from RnB, Pop , Afro jazz. You’re taking in the culture of London but also soaking up Nigerian culture from my parents.

“…work on your craft, find your voice, know what you want to do with music…”

What advice would you give to young musicians wanting to pursue a career in the music industry?

Advice I would give would be work on your craft, find your voice, know what you want to do with music and try to stay up to date with the business. Also there is funding available for new musicians a good place to start it’s PRS foundation.

Dream artist to collab with on a track?!

Solange! And Tame Impala.

After the pandemic is over, can we see you going on a tour any time soon?

Yes definitely planning to gig and have UK tour, that’s something I’m really looking forward to, you know connecting with fans and music lovers. I would love to gig outside the UK, definitely going to make sure that happens.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’m dropping a new single on the 31st May called ‘All My Girls’ it’s a fav so keep a lookout for that.


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