Michael Mwangi Maina is a 23 year old creative based in Nairobi, Kenya who majors as a photographer and creative director. 

How has growing up in Nakuru, Kenya influenced your creativity when taking your photographs?

I’ve always been drawn to nature ever since I could remember, I loved the outdoor especially when it was green, the sky blue, that perfect sunlight that makes colors pop, people about their day, people together. This automatically transpired in my creations when I started out photography, it is what drives me and is the base of my creations.

Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from everyday life, the Kenyan narrative is what the aim is, infusion of this and fashion as a narrative is the ultimate goal. I also source a lot of inspiration from film.

You’re the creative director for 199xKenya, what sort of thing does your role include?

199xKenya is art induced company that majors on film and apparel. My role has been to mould the image and output of the company in correlation to the two head sections.We have great things in store in the coming days and we’re really excited for the things we’re about to do.

“We’re putting Kenya on the map through our creations and the aim is to inspire the same narrative to the young on the come up.”

Is there anything you particularly want to capture through your photos?

Emotion, activity, in abstract portraying the normal. Just to sum it all in one sentence.

Is there anyone you’d love to photograph? Or, any specific brand?

 I have dreams of shooting for Gucci.

What can we expect from you in the next year or so? Have you got any exciting projects coming soon?

I’m really excited for this stage of my craft and the vision is clearer. A couple of beautiful projects to be released soon via 199xKenya. Like I said, we’re about to change the rhythm of the music we’ve been accustomed to in the creative industry. We’re putting Kenya on the map through our creations and the aim is to inspire the same narrative to the young on the come up.


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