Graphic Design

LAETITIA ARNOLD [@_lae_art_]

Laetitia is a self-taught creative originally from the French part of Switzerland currently living in London. Her music driven graphics and funky fonts make an eye catching insta feed waiting to be noticed by main stream pop artists. We believe she is one to keep an eye on.

Music seems to be a huge inspiration for your designs, Little Mix especially (!), what is it that motivates you to design graphics for musicians?

Music is a big inspiration to me, it’s like the brief and I create from that brief. Little Mix are one of my favourite artists if not my favourite! Pop music is very inspiring for me visually for some reason. It motivates me to design graphics for musicians especially because I think that the visual part is very, if not, as important as the content (the song, the music video). Nowadays, with social media and the digital world, we count a lot on images and the visual aspect. So associating an album, an artist, a musician, a song, a music video to an artwork is something I love doing. The fact there are “no rules”, no brief, it gives me more freedom to create these concepts, fan-art works.

What advice would you give someone wanting to teach themselves to create designs for artists?

One advice I’d give to someone wanting to teach themselves to create designs for artists, is definitely the Internet of course. For some designs, I do a lot of research about a theme in particular – i.e let’s say I’d like to create a vintage poster, I’ll look for different posters online, popular and known works and get inspired by the recurring elements, colours, shapes, typography styles. I also watch a lot of tutorial videos, step-by-step videos and then add my personal touch. I am a “go with the flow” person too, so I’d try different things and see what works, looks the best.

Did you attend any art colleges/university? If so, what skills did you learn that you have been able to transfer into your work?

I never attended university. I did business studies in Switzerland before moving to London. I took some Media and Art classes within my International Language campus course when I came to London a few years ago. I gained skills in Marketing, Journalism, Photography and Screenwriting even, which were quite different than just Graphics. I think the interest became stronger as living in London and my love for pop music in general.

What are your go-to programmes when designing a print?

My go-to programme is Photoshop. I have used Illustrator once for a couple of designs. I liked it but it was more complicated for me. I like learning new skills on Photoshop and getting to know it better.

“I think that the visual part is very, if not, as important as the content (the story, music video)”

Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?

I draw most of my inspiration from other creatives on Instagram. Behance is such a great platform too. I sometimes have a glimpse on Pinterest. I also go with trends. Another form of inspiration would be a music video for example. I love a photomontage, collage, and adding a strong typography to the piece. So I’d say musicians obviously are a big inspiration for my designs.

Apart from Little Mix, who would be your dream artist/s to design an album cover for?

I’d love to design an album for upcoming artists maybe. I don’t have anyone in particular in mind. But the idea of creating a whole brand, image is very interesting I think. With Little Mix, I use this base (fonts, photos) I have and work around it. I would certainly love to work on an album cover with them (dream!!). Someone else I’d love to design an album cover for could be an artist doing a comeback and needing a rebrand. It would be quite challenging!

I’m not professionally using my art (yet) but would love to turn my “fan-art”/concepts into reality and work in the creative industry maybe. For creatives. it’s now easier to get your work out and seen with the different social media platforms. However, I think there might be too much going on sometimes and it gets messy. So it’s great when there’s a (new) platform just for just creatives and I do support new creative businesses, brands and magazines, etc.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Something I’d like to add is: creativity is therapy. For me it’s a form of getting your mind out of things. Focus on a particular artwork helps. Learning new ways, new skills. Also, the feeling of accomplishment, achievement when your work is seen and appreciated. 

I recently took part in this campaign with “Creatives Against Covid-19” – creativesagainstcovid19 on Instagram – where creatives, anyone, could submit a poster with the theme “Soon” and a small brief. This was something I’ve never done before so I had to look on how to have the right size and margins etc. for my document. Then posters being sold via their website and funds going to two different organisations. 

So with that, knowing your work has some sort of impact is amazing. Contributing, taking part in something like that was excellent and new for me. I got very inspired by others! 

Another thing is when the artists themselves appreciate your work, it feels like an achievement. The goal with social media and creatives is obviously your work to be seen and have an impact somehow. So when it happens, it’s a lovely feeling. It also reminds people of the good side of social media and how people can support each others.


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